Harrisburg Press Welcomes Creem Circus

Event Details

Creem Circus at River City Blues Club, Harrisburg with Medusa’s Disco!


We will let David Stampone for The Philadelphia Inquirer attempt to explain:

The glam-tastic Creem Circus took the stage next in stacked heels and glittery accoutrements, evoking a sparkling vision of the early-’70s bubblegum/hard-rock era before cranking their first riff. To appreciate how cannily proficient they are at sounding as Mott the Hoople as they look, it helps to be steeped in Ziggy-phase Bowie/Ronson and T. Rex.

Theirs is a crafty, meta-rock mélange, admittedly parodic but primarily interested in rocking out. Especially glorious in concert were epic originals like “Riff Mountain” and the new single “ROCK and ROLL Band Revisited,” off last year’s debut disc, ROCK and/or ROLL. “Rock-Bottom Rob” Giglio’s toms-heavy drumming drove all, but the twin-lead guitar scorch of John Cara and Chris DiPinto led the way.

Lefthanded front man DiPinto, celebrated proprietor of Girard Avenue’s DiPinto Guitars, and Delaware’s Cara – a fellow luthier with KISS among his clients – dazzled in Thin Lizzy-esque, traded solos (each on instruments bearing their names).

Kicking off the evening will be Medusa’s Disco. Threads of psychedelia, folk, alternative ….. what does this mean, all these labels? It means Medusa’s disco is a seriously talented band of young players, reaching back for classic influences and plowing forward with lots of fantastic, indescribable music.